.dɩtiramb at AU – 400 – Lunar und Smack`s Photography Exhibition 2015

14. Februar 2015
AU – Brunnengasse 76, 1160 Wien
Ausstellung & DJ Set Afrodisia


‘Should there be rivers in the land, which drain off from the ground the stagnant water and the rain water, the people will be healthy and bright. But if there be no rivers, and the water that the people drink to be marshy, stagnant, and fenny, the physique of the people must show protruding bellies and enlarged spleens.’

With this above quote Lunar told me he would like to describe the framework of photo exhibition he shaped and envisioned with his brother.
Slaven Lunar is a Zagreb-based artist who emerged from the early Croatian graffiti scene painting, exhibiting and publishing his works worldwide.. He teamed with his brother Ivo to make an exhibition of photographs they both took on their journeys all over the World.
Ivo Smack Kosanović started as a graffiti artist as Lunar did, but soon started taking photos. While he is not that exposed as his brother is, he is known on the Croatian photo scene and his photographs make an impact, which needs to be said.

Photo exhibition ‘Girls on film’ showcased his love towards abandoned industrial complexes, train yards and similar derelict locales he previously exploited for graffiti activities he pursued. He is no stranger to female bodily subtleness and suppleness, as well as warmth and coldness of urban vedutes, nature, animals and everything else that captures his eye.

The frameworks for this exhibition are peregrinations that enrich one’s mind, body, soul – and sole, for that matter. To finalize this exordium, let me end with one of the most striking quotes on travels and mind expansion journeys I have ever read: ‘Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.’ – Mark Twain


Kooperation: LINE IN, AU.