.dɩtiramb at AU – “Light travel faster to us than sound” – Ausstellung Isidora Ficovic 2015

“Light travels faster to us than sound”
Exhibition by Isidora Ficovic
AU, Brunnengasse 76

19:00 Exhibition opening
“Light travels faster to us than sound” of Isidora Ficovic

19:30 Audio performance
“Data Auditorio – Concert version” by Daichi Misawa

Welcome to the opening of the exhibition “Light travels faster to us than sound” of artist Isidora Ficovic.
With the four pieces “FFT serial”, “RGB Geometry”, “The gesture of drawing light with a body movement, Form 24” and “Drawings are growing like a plant fed with water” Isidora is exploring relation between fine art and new media through experimental approach and interactivity in the field of interactive art.

She is artist from Belgrade, currently based in Austria on MA Interface Cultures, The University of Art and Design in Linz. Her background education is the painting department on the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade; with BA/MA diploma and magister of painting diploma. She is using different forms and mediums of expression questioning reality, telling a story in a direct way working with a “tool”, art.