.dɩtiramb at AU – New New Wave 2014

The New, New Wave –
youth activism and popular culture
30 years later

AU, Brunnengasse 76

“Novi val”, as a music genre, lasted in Yugoslavia from 1977 until 1983, and it has been considered as the last authentic cultural movement which originated in the public domain in SFRJ. The student’s and the youth cultural centers, radio stations, underground magazines and numerous music events, enabled the creation of specific cultural sphere. Youth culture was developed on the margins of society, after the collapse of the 1968 student uprising, when a new generation of rebels became dissatisfied with the existing models of dominant culture, socialist and bourgeois.

Nowadays, even though we are facing different cultural paradigm, domination of mass media and social networks proliferation (among other things), we believe that the youth can be an active participant and contributor rather than consumer or passive spectator. Therefore, we asked the young designers from the Balkan region to respond to the question: What is their current perspective on the New Wave and how they perceive youth activism today? Some of the most memorable responses have been integrated in this exhibition.