TAMISTAD READING SESSIONS 24 – Damir Šodan I Melisa Slipac I Anja Lazić Akaratović

21/9 //\\ 18:00 .dıtiramb in co-operation with Kroatisches Zentrum
Kroatisches Zentrum

Reading: Damir Šodan hosted by Melisa Slipac and Anja Lazić Akaratović

Čovjek tvoj – 90 godina Leonarda Cohena / I’m Your Man – 90 years of Leonard Cohen
Damir Šodan

Damir Šodan (1964) is a Croatian poet, playwright, editor, translator and musician. He graduated from the University of Zagreb with a BA in English literature and history. He has published seven volumes of poetry, Sound Changes (1996), The Middle World (2001), Letters to a Wild Scythian, (2009), Café Apollinaire (2013), The Enemy Within (2018), Raven, Buddha, Yamaha (2021) and Living With a Mask (2023), three collections of plays, Safe Area (2002), The Night of the Long Beams (2009), Croatian Don Juan (2024, in print), an anthology of contemporary Croatian narrative neorealist poetry, Walk on the Other Side (2010) as well as an anthology of contemporary European poetry Are There Any Poets in Monte Carlo (2022). His work has been widely translated, anthologised and awarded, and has appeared in numerous international literary journals. Šodan is currently promoting his new project titled Čovjek tvoj, Leonard Cohen Reimagined (2024), an album of Leonard Cohen’s compositions in Croatian.

Melisa Slipac was born in in 1978 Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina. She holds an MA in English, Spanish, Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian language and literature, and a PhD in Slavic Studies from the University of Vienna. Her first book of poetry Ples između zidova (Dancing among the Walls) (2007), was awarded the Petar Kočić literary prize for poets from the former Yugoslavia living in German-speaking countries. For more than 20 years she has organised literary readings and has worked in the arts and culture. She lives in Vienna and works as a language teacher and trainer.

Anja Lazić Akaratović
Born in Zadar, Croatia, Anja is a classically trained pianist. She holds a BA and MA from the Conservatorium for Music and Stage Arts in Vienna, in musical and Jazz vocal pedagogy. She is a singer/ songwriter, vocal coach, stage performer, theatre director and producer based in Vienna, Austria. A member of femous orchestra/feminist Orchestra Vienna and artistic director at Teatar Breza.