TAMISTAD READING SESSIONS 24 – Bojan Krivokapić I Mascha Dabić I Tina Ščavničar I Jan Vysocky

27/7 //\\ 19:30
Photo Cluster

Performance: Telo drevesa/Body of the Tree (projection, voice, electroacustics)
Tina Ščavničar & Jan Vysocky

Tina Ščavničar
Born in 1986 in Murska Sobota, Slovenia, Tina is a filmmaker and photographer. Her body of work includes experimental short films, performance and sound art. Her main work is inspired by trees, folklore and feelings of (not) belonging. She is currently preparing her first feature film MemorIES of Autumn in Slovenia. She lives between Ljutomer and Paris.

Jan Vysocky
Jan is a composer and sound designer who transcends borders and genres. He was born in the Czech Republic and raised in Austria, and his musical journey began in northern Burgenland, where he discovered his passion for sound exploration at a young age. He was trained at the Institute of Electroacoustics and the University of Applied Arts Vienna. Jan’s early collaborations with young French filmmakers in the early 2000s sparked his interest in the relationship between sound and image. His compositions have enriched the soundtracks of fiction, documentary, short and feature films, theatrical productions, as well as contemporary dance performances.
In 2010, Jan moved to Paris, established Studio Cairos and its associated entity, Cairos Edition, dedicated to musical creation and sound design. As a member of the quintet Pancrace, he contributed to their debut album which garnered praise from esteemed publications such as the Wire Magazine, the Chicago Reader, and Soundohm. Their second effort, released in 2019 on Penultimate Press, London, showcased their innovative spirit manifested in the creation of ‘Organous’, a MIDI-controlled spatial and transportable pipe organ. Jan’s recent collaborations as a film composer include Zbudi Me (Wake Me), a fiction drama directed by Marko Santic, and the horror documentary feature Fais le mort! (Playing Dead) by Matthew Lancit, currently broadcast on Arte. The short film Tsutsue by Ghanaian director Amartei Armar includes Jan’s soundtrack was featured in the official selection of the 75th Cannes Film Festival.

Reading: Bojan Krivokapić hosted by Mascha Dabić

Bojan Krivokapić was born in 1985 and holds a degree in comparative literature from the Faculty of Philosophy in Novi Sad. He has published two novels (Spring is on the Road in 2017 and Villa Fazanka in 2023), a short story collection (Run, Lilith, Daemons Trip and Stumble in 2013), and two poetry collections (The Flight of the Cockroach in 2014 and The Nest of a Boy in 2019). He has received a number awards for his short stories and poems throughout the former Yugoslavia. His prose and poetry have been translated into Hungarian, Albanian, English and Macedonian, while his books have been published in Italy, Germany, and Slovenia.

Mascha Dabić was born in Sarajevo. She has studied translation and interpreting studies and received her PhD at the University of Vienna, where she teaches translation and interpreting in Russian. She translates literature, theatre plays and poetry, mainly from the Balkans region. In 2017 she published her first novel Reibungsverluste (edition atelier) on the topic of interpreting in psychotherapy.