TAMISTAD READING SESSIONS 24 – Anja Marković I Mirza Purić I Miloš Stošić

05/10 //\\ 18:00
Photo Cluster

Opening: Photo Exhibition: Miloš Stošić

Miloš Stošić is a Belgrade-based street photographer. He holds a degree in comparative literature and literary theory from the University of Belgrade. For two and a half decades he was active in the Belgrade underground music scene, fronting legendary Belgrade bands Unison and Mnjenje. His work is centred round documenting everyday life on the streets, focusing on people and phenomena from the margins of society, such as urban decay, poverty and homelessness, but always striving to find hope and humour in the gloom and bleakness that surrounds him. He has contributed photographs to a number of publications, including VICE Serbia, the charity street magazine Lice Ulice, the Slovene charity magazine Kralji Ulice, and many others. He regularly contributes to the photo-series Life Stories, documenting the lives of people facing homelessness, published under the auspices of ADRA International. He has participated in a number of group exhibitions, and is the author of the photo book Ljudi Govore (The People Speak; GRAIN, 2021). A sequel to the book is scheduled for release in 2025.

Reading: Anja Marković hosted by Mirza Purić

Anja Marković was born in 1988 in Belgrade. She holds a degree in Serbian literature and language, and comparative literature from the Faculty of Philology in Belgrade. She has published poetry collections Napolju su ljudi (There are People Outside, SKC Kragujevac, 2012), which won the Branko prize, and Kowloon (Kontrast, 2016). Her poems have been translated into English, Slovakian and Greek, published in print and online literary journals, and included in the anthologies Meko tkivo (Soft Tissues, 2015), Ovo nije dom: pesnikinje o migraciji (This is not a Home: Female Poets on Migration, 2017) and Logične pobune (Logical Rebellions, 2022). She lives and works in Belgrade.

Mirza Purić is a literary translator. His recent work includes Marko Pogačar’s Neon South (Sandorf Passage, 2022) and Faruk Šehić’s Under Pressure (Istros Books, 2019). His has published in Agni, Asymptote, Literary Hub, EuropeNow, The Well Review, The Baffler and elsewhere.